What is a serviced residential complex?


 A serviced residential complex is a (co-ownership) property complex comprising apartments or houses for seasonal or permanent residential use offering a minimum of 3 of the following services:

  • Reception
  • Breakfast
  • Maintenance of apartments
  • Cleaning of apartments
  • Provision of linen

There are several types of serviced residential complexes:

Résidences de Tourisme or résidences affaire:

It is essential that résidences de tourisme are located in tourist areas with strong potential and close to centres of interest.

These complexes generally have significant amenities such as a swimming pool, wellness and fitness centre, mini club, bar, multi-use sports facilities, ….

The value of these amenities is generally reflected in the price of the property.

These complexes offer lets from a weekend to weekly. The choice of a manager of national scope is vital for good occupancy rates and the management of the investment property.

Résidence de tourisme, résidence affaire, résidence étudiant

Residences affaire are generally located in large urban centres which also have tourist appeal. They operate more like hotels with lets running from a few days to several months and will attract tourist and business guests.

Its amenities will be more oriented towards wellness, swimming pool, bar and restaurant…

Its position must be well served by public transport and close to commercial centres.

Résidences étudiantes:

These are property complexes aimed at overcoming the shortage of University halls of residence which are often at saturation point.

They are made up of small units (studios or 2-room apartments of about 20 m2) with a living space/study with a kitchenette and shower room and WC.

They must be located close to schools and universities or otherwise well served by public transport such as trams.

Easy access to town centre attractions is a bonus.

This type of complex offers security for the investor as lets last several months and up to several years if the student is on a long course.