Refund of VAT

Within the context of a rental investment in serviced residential complexes with a commitment to let by commercial lease (a minimum of 9 years) with a manager, you may reclaim VAT on the real estate and the furnishings. It will be fully refunded after the property has been let for 20 years.

Currently, the 20% VAT on the pre-tax price will be refunded, equivalent to a saving of 16.39 % on the tax inclusive price.

The VAT is often advanced by the developer in the form of an advance purchase. Accordingly, you will not need to finance it.

Otherwise, we can recommend an accountancy practice which will apply to your tax office for the refund of VAT on your investment. The cost is about 300 €/year.

Rental investment in serviced residential complexes

Your tax status:

In the case of this type of investment you have the status of Loueur de Meublé Non Professionnel LMNP (non-professional furnished flat).